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Healthcare Executive in California

As managing partner with ACK Capital Partners, LLC, for more than a decade, Jeffrey Goffman has led a firm that furnishes companies in the health care and technology sectors with diverse advisory services. Jeffrey Goffman and his team take equity positions in coordination with institutional investors and provide client-driven due diligence services that encompass the sell-side and buy-side of transactions. <br />
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Mr. Goffman earned his bachelor’s degree in accounting at the University of Hartford and founded the outpatient imaging company U.S. Diagnostic, Inc. (USD). Taking the firm public in the mid-1990s, he expanded USD to encompass centers in 19 states and generating more than $225 million annually. Mr. Goffman subsequently established OnCURE Medical Corp., one of America’s largest firms focused on managing cancer treatment. At the time of its sale, OnCURE had $120 million in revenue and oversaw 40 centers nationwide. Jeffrey Goffman is a dedicated New York sports fan who supports the Giants, Knicks, and Yankees.


Jeffrey Goffman